Shenzhen Taier was founded in 2005. We were the pioneer in China to introduce blood proteins to feed industry. Our plasma protein greatly improved wean stage piglets production and animal survival rates. At the same time, we started to supply varies peptones for culture media and industrial fermentation. With high and stable quality and flexible production arrangement, our products accepted by more and more customers include leading international companies.

After our focused development efforts ,heme iron polypeptide and hemin added to our catalog. Its aims for iron deficiency anemia (IDA) treatment. High purity hemin also used by culture media.

Organic farming is growing rapidly, with consumers increasingly eager to buy organic products. Shenzhen Taier are pleased to be part of this development with organic fertilizer from pork animal protein and fish that increase soil health and crop yields, reduce disease, improve quality and raise farmers’ return-on-investment. 

Shenzhen Taiers' production is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and GMP+ certification for blood proteins part. 

Vision: To be a well managed, fast growing, innovative company.

Mission: Continue develop innovative material for our customers promote quality and improving their environmental performance.


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