• 04/2019

    Spray dried chicken plasma improves intestinal digestives function and regulates intestinal selected microflora in weaning piglets.

    Spray dried chicken plasma is source of high quality animal protein obtained by fraction and spray drying of fresh and healthy chicken blood from approved slaughter houses. Experiment conducted by Zhang Y and its team mates showed it had an effect similar to SDPP on improving growth performance through the promotion of...continue reading...

  • 01/2019

    2019 Spring festival holiday Notice

    Our office will be closing for the Spring festival of 2019 Holiday as follows: From Thursday, 31st January To Sunday, 10th February. During the Spring festival Holiday close down period, Please call +86 1382 3570 050 for emergencies. We would like to take this opportunity to thank...continue reading...

  • 11/2018

    Introduction of big bag package for hemoglobin

    Hemoglobin powder is a great nutrition source for salmon farm industry. With varies package option demand from market, Shenzhen Taier start to provide big bag package(100*100*210cm, approx 1100kg) for hemoglobin powder. Big bag package of hemoglobin ready for shipment continue reading...

  • 09/2018

    National Day Holiday Notice

    Our office will be closing for the National Day Holiday as follows: From Monday, 1st October To Sunday, 7th October. During the National Day Holiday close down period, Please call +86 1382 3570 050 for emergencies. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing...continue reading...

  • 09/2018

    No African Swine fever bacteria detected in Shenzhen Taier's plasma product

    Test report of Animal disease control center of Guangdong province confirmed no African swine fever bacteria detected in the pork plasma protein sample manufacturing date from July 1st to Sep 12th produced by factory in Qingyuan(Guangdong province). This report also proved no African swine fever appeared in Guangdong province...continue reading...

  • 09/2018

    Shenzhen Taier start to supply spray dried blood meal

    To meet the demand of high protein blood meal in the market, Shenzhen Taier with its factory in Qingyuan start to supply spray dried blood meal with min 90% protein. Spray dried blood meal could be widely used in poultry feed and even aquatic feed as its water soluble property. Product...continue reading...

  • 09/2018

    Qingyuan Factory earns ISO 22000 certification

    ISO 22000 is an excellent food safety and management system adopted by ISO organization in 2005. It could be described as a combination of ISO 90001 and HACCP. Production of heme iron polypeptide, peptones(protein hydrolysates) and plasma powder porcine food grade in Qingyuan Factory acquired ISO 22000 certification...continue reading...

  • 09/2018

    Shenzhen Taier Join ingredients network

    After one month's preparation, Shenzhen Taier opened its account in website of world known Food ingredients exhibition around the world, to showcase company and products. Ingredients Network is the leading product and supplier search engine in the food ingredients industry....continue reading...

  • 06/2018

    Quick Iron Facts

    There are 2 types of iron supplements Heme iron which is derived from meat and poultry Non-heme iron from vegetables, dairy and chemically bonded Your body prefers Heme Iron Heme iron is the preferred iron source which is absorbed more...continue reading...

  • 04/2018

    Biostimulants in Agriculture

    Agricultural biostimulants include diverse formulations of compounds, substances and micro-organisms that are applied to plants or soils to improve crop vigour, yields, quality and tolerance of abiotic stresses.   Biostimulants foster plant growth and development throughout the crop life cycle from seed...continue reading...


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