Plant biostimulant amino peptone
Plant biostimulant amino peptone

Amino peptone is 100% soluble in water and obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of animal proteins. It is a pure mixture of essential L- Amino Acids and help plants to fight stress and help plant to better utilize fertilisers and existing nutrients from the soil.

Amino peptone will easily dissolve in water with no residues, which means that it can be used in fine spray equipment or fed to plants through irrigation and fertigation systems using fine drippers with no danger of blockaging.

While amino peptone is a great source of 13% organic nitrogen, it is the substantial source of amino acids that is the real reason for its success. All plants make their own amino acids during their growth and development, however, if these are supplied from an outside source in a readily plant available form then the plant so treated uses the energy saved, to grow and develop towards maturity and harvest.

Amino peptone is ideal use on all types of crops including vegetables, orchard, pip, stone and berry fruits, olives, avocados, grapes, kiwifruit, cereals, flowers, ornamentals, nurseries, seedlings, seed crops as well as pasture and fodder crops.

Instant water solubility:

  • 100% organic, 100% active ingredient
  • 100% instant water soluble
  • High nutritional value(N, K, Fe, Mg)
  • Organic farming
  • All crops
Fish hydrolysate powder
Fish hydrolysate powder

Fish hydrolysate powder is water soluble nitrogen fertilizer derived from fish protein for supplementing plant nutrient requirement. Its enzymatic hydrolysis process don't destroy or damage amino acids. So it contains every essential amino acids plant growth needed.

It helps in retaining soil moisture & nutrients, to assist in rapid growth of plants, increase in flowering and fruits. It also helps in increasing microbial & earthworm activity, breaking up of heavy clay soil, which in turn helps to build up deficient sandy soil.

It suitable for all crops including vegetables, fruits, flowering plants, indoor plants, ferns, orchids, roses, lawns etc.
  • High Nitrogen
  • Chemical Free
  • Powder and Pellets form
  • Foliar spray fertilizer
  • Soil treatment


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