Spray dried chicken plasma improves intestinal digestives function and regulates intestinal selected microflora in weaning piglets.

Spray dried chicken plasma is source of high quality animal protein obtained by fraction and spray drying of fresh and healthy chicken blood from approved slaughter houses. Experiment conducted by Zhang Y and its team mates showed it had an effect similar to SDPP on improving growth performance through the promotion of the small intestinal development, increasing digestive enzymes activities, enhancing ATTD of nutrients, and decreasing diarrhea incidence. The experiment also confirmed there is no significant differences were observed between the SDCP and SDPP groups. Additionally, inclusion of SDCP in diet decreased (P < 0.05) the population of Escherichia coli.

For further details of experiment, please login to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26115283


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